​​"Lead single Makeshift Forest is something that Kiara says she has been shaping for almost six years, and when you listen to the way she has infused world with a sense of contemporary reggae on the track via the vocals and the rhythmic keys you can understand why the song incubated for a little longer than others."


​( JUN 1, 2015)

         Kiara Jack 

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“...They'll be joined by Kiara Jack, an indie roots artist hailing from the Gold Coast who has steadily been becoming a fixture on the live circuit...In addition Yhan said that Marcus Blacke is a very special guest for the evening, "his addictive gothic folk will be quite a treat," while Kiara's performances "conjure emotive sounds of unity and presence, infusing driving rhythms and dark piano riffs." Yhan Leal, Marcus Blacke and Kiara Jack play at 5 Church St on May 14...”
- Courier-Sun Bellingen, Courier-Sun Bellingen (May 05, 2016)

​​​​“...- the narration is droll and straight to the point. The second track Makeshift Forest brings in some backbeat rhythms and things start getting funky, world beats and up tempo vocals reminded me of Ani Di Franco at her most lively. Jack is adept at scatting and rapping in a very smooth way that gets the music jumping. Track 3 Only In Time features piano arpeggios leading the jungle rhythms and sweeping vocals of some dexterity. The EP finishes with Wizard Dance which features a more middle eastern feel that is highly danceable. There is an unsullied rawness to Jack's music, this is no fuss modern gypsy dance music. She has a distinct and likeable character which is present in this production. Kiara Jack is clearly a mystical mumma, but has her tongue firmly in her cheek. She leads the revelry but keeps it very firm and grounded. I am inspired to see her live having heard her fine music. In her own words, "It's the perfect time to come out and play."”
- Nick Hanlon, Tweed Valley Weekly (Sep 16, 2015)

​“Native to the coast, Kiara Jack & The Jills is an original world folk roots band with a live sound that spans world music and contemporary genres. Kiara Jack is the centre of the band’s eclectic-edged musical offering. Earlier this year, the band launched EP Only in Time along with a video for single Makeshift Forest. The EP followed on from the band’s 2013 release of Shards of Glass. They’ve got some big shows on the horizon and we thought it was worth a quick chat with front woman Kiara."

- Samantha Morris, Blank GC

​(Aug 12, 2015)

“Almost every band these days claim to have wide and varied influences - but the new EP Shards of Glass from the Gold Coast's Kiara Jack & The Jills truly embodies this diversity”

- Eve Jeffery, Echo